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Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT March 23rd 2020

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT 1st April 2020


COVID-19 – We offer appointments via SKYPE or in Clinic

We have been very busy with COVID-19 provoked anxiety Patients since early February 2020. We specialise in Anxiety, Paediatrics, PTSD, phobias, stress, weight, loneliness and alcohol reduction and can accommodate appointments via Skype.


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Award-Winning Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic specialises in working with and healing children. It is conducted in a private and comfortable setting.

As long as your child can focus, ie; watching a full length movie, then they are old enough to benefit from hypnotherapy. We are striving to help them to positively enhance their childhood so that they can enjoy their precious time as kids. It’s the fundamental stepping stone for living a life with peace and ease, to have humble confidence and smile.

Over time, Principal Clinical Hypnotherapist Hollie-Berri, has formulated the best approaches for each gender and each different development stage of a child, combined alongside their particular condition and desired outcome. Many parents do not want to administer pharamceutical drugs to their children and find hypnotherapy the most effective, safe, drug free approach. It is the only organic solution for children, eliminating any unwanted side effects or secondary conditions. Hypnotherapy produces the most effective ongoing results in real time.

Safe Natural Healing IN REAL TIME with NO negative side effects

Parents see the great advantages in using hypnotherapy for their children because of its speed in producing long term results. These techniques are calming, drug free and enjoyable for the child. In fact most children look forward to coming to our sessions, they enjoy the stimulation and positive environment- they feel safe. The parents notice a positive change usually after the first session.

Award-Learn More About Paediatric Hypnotherapy – Click Here

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Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic is the Award-Winning Service within the Sutherland Shire, located in Caringbah and Cronulla. We are built on referrals from Doctors, Psychologists and Patients locally and globally. Shire Hypnotherapy Clinic operates via various online platforms and is Professional and Confidential. Trust and skill keeps our patients, and ourselves, up on top.

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